• Welcome to Al Halees Group
    Innovative Selling… A leap in customer servicing
  • Top Quality Food Products
    Our food division is the extension of Palestine Grocery
  • Chef is our newest division
    It designs products according to the spec. set by clients
  • Heavy-duty Catering Equipments
    Across KSA there are still equipments operating perfectly for over 35 years
  • Central Kitchens Desgin & Development
    We're specialized in designing & developing professional kitchens
  • Our Industrial Project Services Division
    Opens new horizons for our customers' business

Company Overview

A small grocery named “Palestine Grocery” had grown into a larger entity forming “Al Halees Group”...

Our Vision

Diversity as a main key element & part of our culture, fueling the business growth by attracting, ...

Our Mission

We are a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions ...

Competitive Strategy

Establishing a business model based on the synergy among our business portfolios, ...

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